Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Geez it's been a while

I will start off this post as I start many of them by saying that I'm sorry for not updating recently. I am usually motivated to update the blog when notable things happen. Over the past month and a half (my last post was near the beginning of March) I didn't feel like anything blog worthy has happened. I was wrong.

Tyler and I are approaching the end of our time in Japan. We are beginning to be reminded of this. We have sent our first big box home filled with winter clothes and goodies that we've purchased while abroad. We also returned our rental car; I've been riding my bike to my schools again and we've been riding the train and getting rides from friends. I have also revealed to 3 of my 4 schools that I am leaving at the end of July. One of the elementary teachers put it into perspective, "You're only at our school 4 more times!?!"

Lately things have been going really well for Tyler and me. Since about March, we've really begun feeling like we live here and not like we are just visiting. Because Tyler and I are without a car and we walk within town, we have met/become reacquainted with many people. It is pleasant to walk to the grocery store and have conversations with people. I can also tell a difference in my student's comfort levels around me. I am not being treated like a visitor at my schools by them or the staff members anymore. The students and teachers make an effort to talk to me between classes and when I see them outside of school. I also feel like I know what I'm doing in the classroom now. Tyler is meeting with friends during the weekdays and she started working at a preschool/kindergarten once a week. Last week, we started an adult English conversation class on Thursday evenings.

Yeah, life is good. But despite the cute students, the hospitable friends, the cheerful townspeople, the gracious teachers, the beautiful scenery, the spectacle that is Japan, and the great times (oh yeah, and melon soda,) we know that we are only meant to be here for a year. As much as we are nervous and sad to be leaving, we are anxious and excited to return home, see our friends and families, and continue along on our path.