Saturday, March 28, 2009

As winter turns to spring and temperatures begin warming up, the sakura season begins. It is commonly known that Japan celebrates the blossoming of Cherry Blossom trees (Sakura桜). There is even a Japanese custom of flower viewing called “hanami” 花見 . Hanami begins when the Japan Meteorological Agency posts a map forecasting the “sakurazensen (桜前線)” or “Cherry Blossom Front” in late February/early March. People use this map to plan their hanami parties in which people sit under or near a Cherry Blossom tree, eat a packed meal and drink sake. There are many parks around Japan that are designated as Cherry Blossom viewing parks in which thousands of sakura trees are planted and visiters will travel for hours to view the trees. This year, Tyler and I will be in Tokyo when it’s sakura trees will be in bloom and we’re planning on visiting one of the most popular parks for viewing the sakura trees.

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