Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just a quick update on our end

Not much has changed since we've last posted, but I figured I would update you with a few of the details on our end. We've decided to look for part time work to raise money to help us get to Japan and stay out of debt. Tyler just completed her two week training and started working her regular schedule for the call center. I am anxiously awaiting the approval to start my new job auditing lifeguard's response to emergencies at the pools. Also, I will be going into the studio with my band on Friday and Saturday to record a 4 song demo cd (maybe we'll be big in Japan).

We have not done much more preparing for Japan. We've begun getting rid of useless junk at our first of 2 yard sales n which we rose $450! I also purchased some "inside only" shoes per a requirement at my schools and I picked up some gifts for my prospective students. Tyler had the great idea of handing out New Mexico quarters to them. I have been speaking with my predecessor who has been an awesome resource for us. He has given me lots of specific information that will help us with these final 2 pre-departure months. Thanks a lot Scott. Also, the JET coordinator in Denver, Jessyca, continues to amaze me with the wonderful job she is doing.

For those of you that are using the links above, we have added another one that we've found to be quite helpful called "All About Teaching in Japan" and one for entertainment purposes called "Japanese Bug Fights" (courtesy of my dad).

Until later....

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