Friday, May 16, 2008

Placement in Japan

We recieved news of my placement in Japan today! We're moving to Ichinohe, Iwate. Ichinohe (meaning "First Door") is a town of ~15,000 people in the state of Iwate. Iwate is the largest state on the main island of Honshu. Ichinohe is (apparently) located in the Northern area of Iwate, but we have a difficult time finding any information on our town.

Cold fronts from Siberia make this area very cold from late October through May which may make for some snowboarding opportunities as there are a few ski areas that are relatively close.

I've been informed that I will mainly be teaching in an elementary school and middle school and will be teaching an adult conversation class a couple times throughout the year. We will be living in an actual house that I believe my contracting organization owns. Hopefully this means rent will be cheap.

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Top Arguments said...

Please mail me a Katanas.

Any word on what travel there will look like once you get on the island?